Brunacci Residence Progress | Update 5

The last few months have seen all the pre-cast concrete panels craned and fixed into place, all concrete floors poured with included hydronic heating installed and a small section of stainless steel roofing installed.

Entry View

View of the entry facade of house with openings ready for large pane double glazed windows

Work will now commence on the installation of windows as well as the rough-in of plumbing and electrical systems. The final fit out of linings, joinery and fittings will follow after.

Site Progress Diary:

All panels were installed with the help of a 220 tonne crane … All precast concrete  panels have now been installed on site

View of crane lifting precast concrete panels into place

Precast concrete panels were transported on large trucks from Hobart ( where they were fabricated ) to the site and lifted into place over severals days

The first floor bondek slab has been poured and hydronic heating was included in the slab across this whole floor. Steelwork is being installed for support of the concrete roof top terrace above.

At 2 stories above ground, this main living area will have spectacular views…

View of first floor level

First floor concrete slab finished with concealed in slab services included. This floor is the main living area and will be afforded spectacular views across the mouth of the Tamar River

Hydronic heating has been installed throughout this floor ( pink pipes ) which will provide invisible space heating. Hydronic heating involves circulating water inside the concrete slab which can be heated by a number of sources, in this case via heap pumps. The heated water then heats the slab which dissipates into the rooms. The hydronic heating manifold pictured below will be concealed inside a cupboard in a store room. The other services seen here are concealed within a stud wall

View of in slab services

Close up view of in slab services, including the hydronic heating manifold, sewer drainage pipework and conduits for electrical and data services.

Throughout this project minimising the chance of cracking has been critical, especially as the internal floors are polished concrete. By placing hessian over the recently poured concrete surface and keeping the slab damp for a minimum of 7 days, the concrete can cure and harden sufficiently at a slow and controlled rate. This decreases the chance for minor cracking to occur.

Curing concrete slab

View of top floor concrete terrace a few hours after pouring with hessian placed over the top to help prevent quick drying of the concrete by wind and sun. By reducing the drying action of wind and sun, the chance of minor cracking occurring is minimised

View of the project as completed to date

View of the project as completed to date

The next critical stage of this build is the installation of the large windows which will make the building water tight and allow for the final fit off to commence

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