23 Paterson St, Launceston – Update

Stage 1 work is well underway as part of the refurbishment of the heritage listed former Tasmanian Trustees Building located at 23 Paterson St, Launceston, Tasmania. Years of insensitive renovations are being stripped away to reveal the character of the original bank building. Restorative and contemporary new works are then being undertaken to create a contemporary modern tenancy space, harmonising with the original building fabric.

Overview of the ground floor tenancy area being refurbished as part of stage 1 works

Overview of the ground floor tenancy area being refurbished as part of stage 1 works

A warren of partitioned offices, inserted floors and fake heritage features have been added to this building over the years. Part of our design works is involved in stripping out all the clutter of these past renovations and revealing the richness of the heritage features of this lovely building.


Ground floor area in partial demolition

Part of the restorarion works involved in the project is repair of the original cornicing of the building. The highly detailed cornice is composed of several different components, all of which require separate moulds formed in order to cast the replacement pieces. The cast moulds are then intricately inserted back into their original locations.


Original cornicing in the process of restoration

Refurbishment works involve demolishing brick walls of the existing bank vault to create an open office area.


Walls of the original bank vault. Should anyone have contemplated hacking their way through 3 layers of bricks, they would also have to contend with sold steel bars encased in the brickwork …

In any refurbishment of old buildings, its always best to expect the unexpected… Large slabs of bluestone rock have been used as the base for the floor of this building, and which have been subsequently bricked over to form the original finished floors. This makes cutting a void in the floor for a new stairwell a challenging undertaking…


Large slabs of bluestone rock forming the structure for the original floors

New structures added into this heritage space will be clearly articulated through the architectural design as modern, thereby not diminishing the character of the original building. A frameless glass balustrade will later extend across the new mezzanine area created within the ground floor area.


New steel structure for the mezzanine level

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