Brunacci Residence Progress | Update 3

The first pre-cast concrete panels have now been craned into place. 35 individual panels which comprise of the lower ground floor level were indiviudally lifted and carefully located into place without a hitch. Careful and considered detailing of each panel enabled the construction to fit together like a jigsaw.

precast concrete panels | MJ Architecture

All lower ground floor precast concrete panels have been lifted into place. Some of these panels are acting as retaining walls and will be waterproofed

As the pre-cast panels will be exposed externally and internally ( in some locations ), all electrical switches, power points, thermostats and wall lights had to be accurately detailed and allowed for in the panels

Site Progress Diary:

Lower ground floor pre-cast concrete panels have all been installed

Precast concrete panels being lifted into place.

Additional concrete block brace walls have been laid and are being core filled with concrete.

Concrete block brace walls have been erected and are now being core filled. These walls provide additional lateral bracing to the structure and will be plastered over and concealed

The next 3 weeks will involve installing steel angles and bondek ready for the pouring of the suspended ground floor slab

Precast concrete panels acting as retaining walls will be waterproofed, have ag drains installed and finally backfilled

A section of the ground floor slab will be a traditional slab on ground with strip footings. This has been excavated and is ready for reinforcing to be laid as well as the rough in of sewer and storm water pipework

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