Brunacci Residence Progress | Update 4

The last few weeks has seen a lot of steady progress made on site. The ground floor suspended concrete slab has been installed including hydronic floor heating and all the precast concrete panels to the ground floor have been installed into place

This floor comprises the sleeping and bathing level as well as access to the private courtyard at ground level

Ground Floor View

View from courtyard looking through the master bedroom to the Tamar River beyond

Work will now commence on preparation of first floor suspended concrete slab above. More concrete block brace walls will be erected as well as some supporting steel work for the floor above

Site Progress Diary:

Temporary props have been installed ready to support the suspended concrete floor


Overview of ground floor slab area showing temporary props in place. These temporary props will be removed once the concrete has cured sufficiently and reach its required strength

Bondek, reinforcing and hydronic heating pipework ( pink pipes ) have been installed ready for the pouring of the ground floor slab

View of slab services

The location of the hydronic heating pipes have been carefully measured and documented so that they are not damaged when temporary braces are bolted to the floor

Windy day on site

A windy day on site … preparing to the ground floor slab formwork and reinforcing

The ground floor slab has now been poured and the first precast concrete panels to the ground floor are being lifted into place

Ground floor panels

The first ground floor panels being lifted into place

Panel Lifting

Preacst panels are transported from Duggans in Hobart to site in large trucks and then lifted into place via the large 220 tonne crane. It takes about an hour to install each panel

The next phase of construction now involves preparing for the installation of the first floor suspended concrete slab ready for the next set of precast concrete panels in about 4-5 weeks time.

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