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Brunacci Residence Progress | Update 3

The first pre-cast concrete panels have now been craned into place. 35 individual panels which comprise of the lower ground floor level were indiviudally lifted and carefully located into place without a hitch. Careful and considered detailing of each panel enabled the construction to fit together like a jigsaw.

precast concrete panels | MJ Architecture

All lower ground floor precast concrete panels have been lifted into place. Some of these panels are acting as retaining walls and will be waterproofed

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Brunacci Residence Progress | Update 2

March 2014

Progress on the foundations is well underway, with the lower ground floor slab now poured and excavation work commenced on the ground floor slab. The ground floor slab will be partly founded in the ground and partly a suspended concrete slab supported by pre-cast concrete walls which are currently being fabricated 300km away. The transportation and erection of the pre-cast panels will commence in the next fortnight.

Site Progress Diary:

Compacted gravel was built up over a layer of concrete blinding to form the reinforced concrete foundation beams

MJ Architecture | Foundation Overview

Overview of lower ground floor slab being prepared for pouring. Extent of reinforced concrete foundation beams are visible

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